Benefits of Yoga

yoga infographic

As many can likely attest, I am a big fan of promoting yoga as a practice that can boost wellness, decrease anxiety, and have an overall benefit for your health.  I regularly encourage folks to give the practice a try.

Research has been slowly trickling out demonstrating some of the measurable benefits of regular yoga practice.  Recently, I came across the following infographic on the Huffington Post summarizing what the research has found to date: While yoga is likely not a cure-all for everything that ails you, these findings do suggest that the benefits are tangible and worth the effort to begin practicing.  

For beginners who may be intimidated by the advanced poses, most places offering yoga classes will offer a beginning class or a class geared toward individuals with mobility limitations.  Usually the poses are modified in the easiest classes and you can increase the difficulty of your classes once you are used to the practice.