Less Fear. More Confidence.

Counseling to help you shift the anxiety and phobias so you can enjoy your life.

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Anxiety has been an energy suck and it’s controlling your life.

You want to be anxiety free but….

There are so many rules to follow and world feels like a scary place. The fear has built up in your body, as you don’t feel safe, and panic attacks and intrusive fears bombard you daily. You aren’t living the life you want because your anxious thoughts control your every move.

It’s time to get out of the trap of anxiety and enjoy your life.

Not all therapy is the same when it comes to anxiety. You need someone who can help with the intensity and who understands what works in helping overcome what you have been living with for so long.


In therapy you will learn how your brain works, and get a thorough evaluation and assessment to really understand your anxiety and what you need to tackle the thoughts.


From facing your fears, to approaching your thoughts in a new way, you will get practical tools to take with you after each session to implement and to start shifting the power of the anxiety in your life.


From being controlled to feeling confident and in control, therapy will help you do the things you have been longing to do but the anxiety has stopped you from.

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