Occasionally in my practice I get questions from concerned parents about bedwetting issues in younger children.  This is a very common problem that causes a lot of frustration and worry for many parents.

Fortunately, bedwetting issues are very treatable with the right kinds of intervention and often resolve themselves as children age.  There are many good options out there for addressing your child's bedwetting issues.

A friend of mine, Dr. Paul McIntosh, M.D., a board certified pediatrician in Fredericksburg, Virginia, recently posted a very comprehensive guide to bedwetting issues on his blog, Pediatric Tidbits from Dr. Mac.  If this is a problem for your child, check out this article for some reassurance and ideas about how the problem can be addressed.

As always, please check with your pediatrician before beginning any intervention.  Although less common, certain medical conditions can lead to bedwetting and should be ruled out prior to starting treatment.

A therapist or psychologist can also be helpful if you are running into roadblocks with addressing your child's bedwetting or toilet training regression issues.  If you are in or near the Santa Clarita, CA area and are concerned about your child's toileting issues or other developmental challenges, please feel free to contact me for a consultation.